Outsiders & Jebroer – Hatsikidee

Daar is ie dan, onze tweede samenwerking met Jebroer en dit keer met Ousiders erbij. En natuurlijk Mr. JVB at work op de CRF met twee gezellige dames erbij ;p Perfecte combo voor weer een uber dikke video dus, volume op MAX en stampuhhh maar…

I met WheelieTime.TV – Chased by Police

I finally met WheelieTime.TV and the police came to the spot. First they were chased by an unmarked policecar as you can see in the video. And then a painted police car came to the area, so I didn´t ride, but atleast I got to meet them and to see them ride for a little. […]

WheelieTime vs WTJR

Short Movie of our meeting together, WheelieTime vs the new generation braaapers “WT Junior” Grtzzz Team WheelieTime

WheelieTime – A Epic Day With Mr. DALIKS

Oud maar goud en blijft epic. Een wheelie sessie met the Wheelie master Mr. DALIKS. (Remix by Mr. FLUX) For more videos check his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/daliks Grtzzz Team – WheelieTime

WheelieTime 2017!!!

www.WheelieTime.tv https://www.instagram.com/wheelietime/ Some new and some old shizzle, enjoy… Grtzzz Team WheelieTime

WheelieTime – 2K16 Compilation

Almost at the end of 2K16, so as usual a video with some epic and new shots. Thanksss for all the support this year, we are ready for 2017!!! Grtzzz Team – WheelieTime http://www.WTwebshop.com

WheelieTime – End of Summer…

De zomer is over, nog 1 video met een warme zon op de achtergrond. Maar niet getreurd, we hebben nog een hopen leuke plannen staan, ook voor de winter. Hope you like this one, please share and subscribe if you do. Grtzzz Team – WheelieTime

WheelieTime – Do Epic Shit…

We made a Epic trip to Oberhausen. Did some nice Shit.Meet a lot of new friends. Good ingredients for a EPIC video. Time to sit back and watch us Doing Some Epic Sh!t… YouTube channel with epic shit: www.youtube.com/user/DavidBostStunt

WheelieTime – Back To School

Epic day at the Supermotoschool At Lelystad. This course is given by Marcel van Drunen 7-fold Dutch champion. Soon back for another session 😉 https://www.supermotorschool.nl/

WheelieTime – SkyHigh

”The sky is the limit” well, not for us 😉 Dagje spelen met de drone, een dji phantom. Eerste keer dat we er de lucht mee in gingen. Deze gaan we dus zeker vaker gebruiken.