Do Epic Shit

This was EPIC: Six man strong on our last minute trip to Germany. Rented a big van, booked a hotel nearby. We had 1 contact person Mr. David Bost better known as: ”davidboststunt
Unfortunately, he couldn’t drive because he wasn’t recovered yet from his crash during the 701 ride out.
But no problem because there were braaapers every weekend and he informed his crew that we were coming to play on their asphalt for a weekend. So with a van full of bikes, car full of gays and Rikkels on the bike Saturday morning at 08:00 ready for departure.
Fast bite and full gas to Germany for Epic Shit. Unfortunately, it was also raining epic on the way so Rikkels remained far from dry. After a 2 hours drive arrived at the stuntspot. Rain, so we were the only one off course, but luckily it was clearing up and the bikes were already flaming and it kept getting more crowded. Including Mr. David and “kenny_stuntriding
And besides that, there was just so much fun stuff and epic people we met in those two days.
The fact is that it was a very nice weekend and off course every minute was recorded. So this will be – yes the last time I’ll say it – an Epic video! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Grtzzz Team WheelieTime


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