WheelieTime – All Summer Long…

Summer is over. This is the first part of our Summer Shizzle. We are already busy with the next video. This will be ready at the end of this month. Grtzzz Team WheelieTime

WT Gran-Turismo

Het is weer winter dus iets minder braaap en meer GameTime. Al vanaf de playstation 1 spelen we al het spel Gran-Turismo. En vele jaren later nog steeds, uiteraard de nieuwste versie op de PS4 nu. Vele uren zijn onze CREW rijders online en we kwamen er deze week achter dat je de auto’s kan pimpen met […]


Fastest recorded wheelie on a yamaha R1 4th in the non turbo world championships. We are talking about the newest member of the WheelieTime Family Mr. Tom Swales.  He does things that’s even to much for us. Where we end a wheelie he begins a wheelie. His record is 173.2 mph. This year a new bike […]