WheelieTime vs WTJR

Short Movie of our meeting together, WheelieTime vs the new generation braaapers “WT Junior” Grtzzz Team WheelieTime

WheelieTime – A Epic Day With Mr. DALIKS

Oud maar goud en blijft epic. Een wheelie sessie met the Wheelie master Mr. DALIKS. (Remix by Mr. FLUX) For more videos check his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/daliks Grtzzz Team – WheelieTime

WheelieTime – Back To School

Epic day at the Supermotoschool At Lelystad. This course is given by Marcel van Drunen 7-fold Dutch champion. Soon back for another session ๐Ÿ˜‰ https://www.supermotorschool.nl/

WheelieTime – Asphalt Ballet

Summer Madness, we keep going. Soon more epic shizzle when everybody is back from vacation… Puin op de straten en wat andere onzin. Altijd goed

WheelieTime Meets SuperRetards…

Part one of our trip to Sweden is finally online. Yes it was a rainy day, we have never seen so much rain. But on the other hand we have never seen so much sick shit on one wheel in one day. We had a great weekend and we like to thank everyone who made […]

I met WheelieTime.TV – Chased by Police

I finally met WheelieTime.TV and the police came to the spot. First they were chased by an unmarked policecar as you can see in the video. And then a painted police car came to the area, so I didnยดt ride, but atleast I got to meet them and to see them ride for a little. […]

WheelieTime – Outta Control

http://www.WTwebshop.com Nice November ride and the new GoPro7. And YES its hyperrrsmooth stabilization. You dont need any sticks no more. Grtzzz, Team WheelieTime

Yup, he fucked up….

Mr. Boyka had some bad luck last Sunday. Did a nice wheelie and out of nowhere this clown showed up. On a empty industrial area on a sunday with zero traffic and still he had to give a ticket for the wheelie. We hope he is proud policeman now

WheelieTime On Dutch Television

Removed from youtube unfortunately but we still got it online for you. WheelieTime on Dutch television

Wheelies Weggebruikers

www.WTwebshop.com We hadden hem geupload alleen zat deze aan een de video vast van RTV Utrecht. Die vonden het nodig om hem te verwijderen dus uploaden we hem nu dus apart zodat dit stukje geschiedenis gespaard blijft ๐Ÿ˜‰ Grtzzz Team WheelieTime