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This is JamesMyNames also from Newark USA. You might be thinking, who is this other WheelieTime guy from Newark.  Well thats BloxBoyOutlaw, one of his best friends. That was the reason for us to contacted him. And luckily he became a WheelieTime Family member as well.  This man is a diehard WheelieTimer, 24/7 wheelies in the sun […]


We dont think there are people out there that dont know this girl. But for those, this is Mrs Saaraazh from Sweden.  A hardcore bikerchick. Not only good looking but she does here own thing, and she’s good at it. Fixing here bike from A-Z , making epic videos and what we like the most offcourse, […]


Fastest recorded wheelie on a yamaha R1 4th in the non turbo world championships. We are talking about the newest member of the WheelieTime Family Mr. Tom Swales.  He does things that’s even to much for us. Where we end a wheelie he begins a wheelie. His record is 173.2 mph. This year a new bike […]


Mr. BloxBoyOutLaw from Newark, USA. Now for more the 2 years in our WheelieTime Family. We get connected via Instagram and so began our friendship. We think that there is not one day that this man doesnt ride. And with a ride we mean a epic Wheelie ride trough the streets of Newark. We’re not […]

WheelieTime® CREW

A bunch of weirdos with a great passion for bikes, and preferably on one wheel if possible. Thats the passion that brings them togheter. Everyday the WheelieTime CREW works hard in and  behind the scenes. Together we provide daily pictures, news, videos and everything that is involved and required to keep WheelieTime running.

Heiki Laing

Mr. Heiki Laing from Haarle, almost from the beginning a member of the WT Family. Since 2003 he has been driving national contests, culminating place 2nd place overall in the MX2 class in 2014 NK and multiple stage during the NK MX1 races. 2016 Heiki drives with a new Yamaha YZF 450 by Hartelman Motoren […]

Welcome Mr. JvB_BikeLife…

Bij deze presenteren wij u Mr. ”JvB BikeLife”. Sinds kort bij de WT Family. Afgelopen weekend maar is kennis gemaakt en met een paar van de WT crew en wat bikes naar het zuiden af gereisd. Was ff touren maar zoals je hieronder al ziet was dat zeker de moeite waard. En nog beter voor […]

Lorenzo Quadrelli

Al een tijdje lid van de WT Family Mr. Lorenzo Quadrelli.Deze held komt uit Italie en knalt zijn stunt op een dikke KTM EXC 300. Zijn nieuwste stunts volgen, dat kan via zijn Instagram account